UFC 142 in 250 Words

UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo is mobbed by the Brazilian crowd after his KO win over Chad Mendes


  • Edson Barboza’s spinning heel kick KO of Terry Etim literally gave me the “O.o” face. Etim’s body falling like a jungle log was also as golden as the KO itself.
  • Erick Silva landed 2-3 shots to the back of the head, arguably. They also weren’t the cleanest of shots. If anything, the back-to-the-head shots of Vitor to Akiyama and Hendo to Fedor looked cleaner, and got away with it too.
  • Still, Silva is a very promising young prospect. He will learn a lot from this DQ loss and his stock won’t go down.
  • Rousimar Palhares is a master of the heel hook. Seriously, how many times can an MMA fighter finish fights with the same move over and over again?
  • Rumble is a HUGE disappointment. How he managed not to take care of business by cutting weight was both unprofessional and sad. Add to the fact that he was on co-main event and having the biggest fight of his career makes you think if he’s mentally fit to compete in the highest level.
  • I was slightly irritated by the quick stand-ups by Dan Miragliotta. He seemed quite excited and rushed the stand-ups. Maybe something’s up with him. Hmmm.
  • Nevertheless, I’m happy to see Vitor put on a show in front of Brazilian fans. I’d argue he’s still more popular than Anderson in Brazil, despite how their fight ended.
  • Jose Aldo is a beast. Enough said. The post-fight out-of-the-cage celebration was cool too. If only Aldo’s awesomeness would translate to PPV buys…