Maitre Chocolatier: More than the usual sugar rush

Let me take a quick survey. Those who don’t like chocolates, raise your right hand. Come on, don’t be shy. No takers? Anyone? Fine, if you’re really that gaga over chocolates, then going to Maitre Chocolatier is a must.

Maitre Chocolatier is a boutique café located at Abreeza. Famous for their imported chocolates and specialty cakes, it’s not just the usual choco-dessert shop. Who serves white chocolate carbonara or grilled chicken in chocolate sauce? Hmmm. Very intriguing.

Upon entering, you’ll immediately notice the stylish interiors and feel the romantic ambiance. Very posh, I must say. Although it’s a bit intimidating at first, what sets Maitre Chocolatier from others is its identity. Definitely not your usual run of the mill dessert shop or restaurant. Continue reading