A Peek at UK Peak (Aleosan, North Cotabato)

While everyone was busy having their holy week vacations a week ago, I was having a quiet stay in my hometown of Midsayap, away from the busy streets of Davao City.

Midsayap: The Middle Hat

But before I got back here in Davao, my brother and I went to this relatively new attraction in the nearby town of Aleosan, the UK PEAK.

Over 8 kilometers from the highway, the motorcycle ride to UK Peak may take around 10-15 minutes. Good thing the road leading to the place is now mostly paved. There is also a longer and more challenging trail going to The Peak, which mountain bikers frequently pass through.

UK Peak, alternatively called The Peak, is located in the remote Barangays of Upper Mingading and Katalicanan (thus the UK name) in Aleosan. The place boasts a scenic 360 view of neighboring towns around North Cotabato.

The Peak has its charms with tourists and locals alike. You can do family picnics, kite-flying, barkada get-togethers and people-watching while gazing at the gorgeous setting sun. I’ll let my photos tell the bigger picture.

Holy week crowd
Ample wind + Money + Guts = Paragliding
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
Ready. Sun. Set.

UK Peak Aleosan (2)

Good to know Aleosan had this new discovery of a tourist destination. Not only will this put the relatively low-profile town on the tourist map, this will also increase the popularity of North Cotabato not as a place of war, but as a tourist-friendly place. With the increasing notoriety of Asik-Asik Falls in Alamada and now UK Peak in Aleosan, who knows what new discoveries and natural wonders are still awaiting to be unveiled in this beautiful province. Only time will tell. -rod-


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