#TBT (#ThrowbackTravels): Isla Reta 2013

Isla Reta, Talicud Island, IGACOS
Isla Reta, Talicud Island, IGACOS

Isla Reta is one of the best beaches Samal has to offer. With its white sand and pristine waters, this beach attracts not only local tourists but foreigners as well.

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Isla Reta is a 1-hour boat ride away from Davao City. There are commercial boats plying the Isla Reta route at Sta. Ana Wharf.

Sunrise at Sta. Ana Wharf
Sunrise at Sta. Ana Wharf
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Manong Manaragat can give Richard Gomez a run for his money.

For more info on their entrance and cottage rates, visit Isla Reta’s Facebook page by clicking HERE.




What we liked most about Isla Reta is the crystal clear waters surrounding the island. This makes for the perfect beach to hone your underwater shots. See various exhibits below.


Snorlax used Surf. It's super effective!
Snorlax used Surf. It’s super effective!



Being quite far from Davao and Samal’s respective city centers, you can be assured of a peaceful and relaxing time at the island, as the place is free from commercialized stalls, restaurants and bars. Nature at its best. -rod-

TX30's super macro mode
TX30’s super macro mode
Omanyte, I choose you!
Omanyte, I choose you!
Isla Reta’s crystal clear waters

2 thoughts on “#TBT (#ThrowbackTravels): Isla Reta 2013

  1. Layas Na August 2, 2014 / 1:40 AM

    i was here 2010, ug ako rapud usa ug ako ra ang customer scary! had fun with the staff


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