Food Quest: The Best Halo-Halo in Davao

Summer season may have reached its midway point but it’s not too late to talk about food perfect for this hot season. And what better way to cool down that hot summer afternoon than with a refreshing halo-halo in hand. While halo-halo is almost synonymous with summer here in the Philippines, one can enjoy our humble national dessert anytime since it’s almost always hot or sunny here, especially in Davao.

To fulfill our quest to find the best halo-halo here in Davao, we’ve pitted two establishments that we think serve the best interpretation of the popular dessert in the city: Bistro Rosario and Aling Foping’s. And to keep our objectivity in tact, we decided to taste the 2 halo-halo desserts on the same day.  Sounds good, right?

Bistro Rosario: Classic with a twist

Bistro Rosario

Our first halo-halo tasting is from Bistro Rosario located at F. Torres St. While Bistro Rosario is more popular for its cakes, pastries and restaurant, their halo-halo should also be given due credit as well. We’ve tasted their halo-halo before so coming back for an encore serving is a testament to how impressed we were during our first visit.

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Wrestlemania 28: Thoughts, Rants and Praises

Wrestlemania 28, the biggest wrestling event of the year is finally over. After watching the PPV twice, here are my thoughts on the matches and the event as a whole. But first, random thoughts on the set and the crowd. (Photo credits go to

  • The Wrestlemania setup was gorgeous, probably one of the best stadium setups I’ve seen on TV.
  • Boxing and MMA can learn a thing or two from WWE with their over the top and grandiose screens, lights and pyro.
  • The crowd of 78,363 fans is a sight to behold. This is what Wrestlemania is all about.
Now, for the Wrestlemania match card:

Sheamus defeats Daniel Bryan to become the new World Heavyweight Champion in 18 seconds

From a casual fan’s perspective (or marks), this might seem enjoyable. Bryan was the cocky heel who gets out of high profile matches by “squeaking” in the victory while Sheamus is the badass who is more than capable of beating the shit out of most of the roster. Sheamus winning the title easily from Bryan was more than justified. However, from a smark’s POV, this has to be one of the craziest booking decisions ever. Having the World Heavyweight Title open the show is already seen as taboo but ending the match in just 18 seconds? Dumb, dumb, dumb. Sheamus and Bryan could have torn the house down with a show stealing performance if they were given the chance, but no, the WWE only cared for the match to break some time record no one cares about. Not a very good start to the show as the crowd was noticeably pissed. Daniel Bryan was very over with the Miami crowd as evidence by the audible Daniel Bryan chants throughout the show.

Kane defeats Randy Orton

The buildup to this match has been pretty mild. WWE didn’t invest too much time and emotion on this match and understandably so, since promoting the 3 top matches (more on that later) were more than burdensome. This was nothing but a throw-away match to give Orton and Kane a Wrestlemania match. Continue reading