Boracay 2011 (Part 1)

I have been fantasizing about going to Boracay since I was in college. From what I have read and heard, the island seemed to have it all: white sand beaches, great food, crazy night life and a distinct culture only experienced there. On paper, the island more than deserves the moniker as the Philippines’ top tourist destination. But then when I was still a student, some factors didn’t permit my travel aspirations. Priorities had to be set and unfortunately, travelling was a luxury a mere student couldn’t afford. Fast forward a few years later, I was a student no more. And while the landscape may have changed, my desire to visit Boracay was still alive and burning. Last August 2011, Kaye and I finally pushed through our daring travel dream: to explore the island of Boracay for the first time.

The Island of Boracay

To read more about my recent Boracay trip last June 2013, check out the links below:

Return to Boracay: How to Get to White Beach from Kalibo

Return to Boracay: Parasailing and Flyfish

Return to Boracay: Cliff Diving at Ariel’s Point

Since we are from Davao City, going to Boracay isn’t that easy or cheap. Affordable, yes, but not cheap. Davao has no direct flights to Kalibo or Caticlan and we thought passing by Iloilo would be too time consuming (*UPDATE* There are now direct Davao-Kalibo  Cebu Pacific flights. I’ll be going back to Boracay this June via this route). We settled on the Davao-Cebu route and booked another flight going to Caticlan (through seat sales of course). We scheduled our trip last August (off-peak season) as it’s also my birth month.

Finally, flight time has arrived. We boarded the Cebu Pacific flight from Cebu to Caticlan. We were rather lucky because our flight took off on time. We have heard of instances of delayed flights especially with the Caticlan route, hence the minor worry. The plane used was a turboprop type which was not as big as its jet counterpart (Airbus planes). The flight was okay in general, except maybe during the final descent when we felt the shaking of the aircraft due to the turbulence. We landed at the newly renovated Boracay Airport.

Tip: Going to Boracay during the off-peak season (June-mid October) is a good choice if you want to avoid the influx of tourists. Hotel rates and water sports activities also tend to double during the peak season. However, there is a risk that your island visit may be marred by rainy weather. Research about the prior year’s weather to give you an idea on what the condition will be this year. It may help you decide which visiting dates are most favorable. Most importantly, PRAY for good weather! =)

Our timing in visiting Boracay couldn’t be better. The sun greeted us with perfect beach weather and we got the chance to use the facilities of the new airport (inaugurated last June 2011). I filled out the travel information form and paid the tricycle fare at the desk (Php50.00 per chartered trip). Tricycle drivers are waiting outside the airport.

The new airport is small but clean. The interior has a modern-minimalist design

The tricycle dropped us at the Caticlan Jetty Port, the main gateway to Boracay’s waters. Upon entering the port, we paid the environmental fee at Php75.00 per head as well as a terminal fee of Php50.00 each. The fees really didn’t bother us because we felt that the entry system of the jetty port was systematic and convenient enough. If only they could implement this in Samal island. Anyway, we also paid for our boat tickets to Cagban Port at Php25.00 per head. The ride took 15 minutes and we were in Cagban Port in no time.

Caticlan Jetty Port

After docking at Cagban port, the next step to take is to hail a tricycle. A chartered trip cost us Php100.00 which was pretty reasonable since the tricycle ride lasted around 30 minutes. Finally, we were dropped off at D’Mall where our hotel was located. D’Mall is at Station 2.

Boat going to Cagban Port

A few steps from the hi-way is Hey! Jude Boracay Hotel, which would be our home for our 2-night stay in Boracay. Upon check-in, the hotel personnel told us that the standard room we booked was located at the 4th flr, which we found a little inconvenient. The personnel checked the 2nd flr and found an available deluxe room (bigger room with an additional bed). Without hesitation, she bumped us to the deluxe room with no extra charge. Ha! A pretty good start to our Boracay trip. And because it’s August, hotels aren’t jam-packed as opposed to peak seasons. The Php1,615.00 per night (off-peak rate) is already inclusive of breakfast for two. Every room also has a safety deposit box which is very convenient if you’re big on securing your valuables whenever you’re out of the hotel. We booked through although you can also do the reservations at Hey! Jude’s website here

We left our bags and hurried to Smoke Resto, a small but popular food stall just outside the hotel. We ordered their Chili Chicken (Php95.00). While the chicken dish tasted above average, I regret not having the “spicy” version because I thought the regular one would be hot enough. Their stall also looks tiny and can only accommodate few customers.

Smoke Resto’s Chili Chicken

After our meal, we strolled around the D’Mall area. Even though it was off-peak season, you can tell that there are still many tourists in the island. One thing that stood out was the number of Asian tourists, most notably Koreans. These guys just came in droves!

Just inches away from the stalls and restaurants is Boracay’s white beach (now we’re talking). I can say this though; Station 2 in Boracay may have one of the finest white sand ever.  It has a very powdery texture that walking barefooted may be a better idea than wearing sandals. It’s that fine. The water across the shore was also crystal clear.

Oh sandy, you’re so fine
White Beach, we finally meet

After feasting ourselves with the view of white beach, we headed back to our room for a quick change for our next activity: Parasailing.

Tip: We contacted Ron and Nino for our water sports activities. They are experienced middle-men who negotiate with the water sports establishments. You pay them with their rates and they will take care of the rest. This will save you time haggling with the “published” rates and more importantly save you money as well. Ron and Nino are famous for giving the lowest rates for water sports. We learned about them through the Boracay-related threads at, which is a very helpful site. They receive commissions from the establishments so they do not collect any service fee. Of course, tips are optional. 

Ron met us at the hi-way and off we went to Diamond Water Sports, located at the edge of Station 2 near Astoria Boracay. Diamond is known in Boracay for providing the best and safest equipment for water sports, albeit with slightly higher rates compared to less popular establishments. Better safe than sorry.

We handed over Php1,500.00 each to Ron and the negotiation was made with the person in-charge. Diamond also offers other water sports such as banana boat, jetski rental and fly fish. We were fetched by a speed boat which led us to another boat in the middle of the beach where the parasailing activity is held.

Perfect weather for some parasailing fun

After transferring to the bigger speed boat, we waited for some last-minute checks with the parasailing equipment. Our nerves started to get to us just looking at the people doing the setup of the parachute. While we were confident about their facilities, you can’t really blame us for being nervous, don’t you?

Our “sh*t just got real” moment

Then, the go signal was given for us to be hooked. We were strapped and buckled to the parachute as the crew were readying to let go of the rope. We also wore life vests just in case. One of the crew served as our official photographer.


It’s a nerve-wracking feeling, slowly going up and being pulled by the parachute. What’s more terrifying is when you realize you are more than 100 feet above the water. I was even imagining the rope breaking and us taking the abrupt plunge to the depths of the ocean. Not a good image to visualize when you’re going up.

Can we go higher?
Seems high enough
Ok. This is pushing it.

Our nerves have subsided (thankfully) once we reached the maximum height, which was good because we got to appreciate the beauty of the island from above. You could see the whole strip of white beach (which is a really, really long strip) and you can also see people swimming, riding jetskis and even people on other parachutes. It’s literally a bird’s eye view of Boracay and we’re more than satisfied with what we saw. I highly recommend parasailing for anyone to try even once in their life. You won’t regret it and you won’t forget it. One of the best 15 minutes of my life.

HHOA (holding hands on air)

After parasailing was over, we were transferred again to another speed boat for a ride back to white beach. The driver was generous enough to let us drive the speed boat for quite a while, free of charge.

Smiles of relief

We wanted to have a quick snack before le swimming time so we went to Zuzuni (still at Station 2). It’s mainly a Greek restaurant but weren’t after the Greek food. We were here for a reason and that reason is the Chocolate Mati Sin. We’ve read many blogs raving about this dessert so we’re certainly not gonna pass on that.

The cake is served warm with a siding of vanilla ice cream. The hot fudge inside the cake just burst with choco goodness. I also liked the texture of the cake: buttery rough edges on the outside while soft and moist on the inside. It’s so sinful you’ll forget the guilt. At Php250+ apiece, this dessert really is worth the money and the hype.

Chocolate Mati Sin: a must try in Boracay

After the satisfying merienda, it’s swimming time! Since Hey! Jude is not a beach front hotel (white beach is a 3-minute walk), we had to leave our sandals and some belongings at the shore. Good thing the shore wasn’t crowded with people so we were confident we wouldn’t lose our belongings, provided we can see them from afar.

Our personal baggage handler

Tip: You may want to bring along a waterproof dry sack so that you can carry with you some cash or gadgets, even while swimming.

The dry sack worked wonders

Another good thing about the white beach is that it’s very wide so crowding isn’t gonna be a problem. And since the water is very clear, it’s very conducive for underwater shots. My Sony TX-5 was up to the challenge once again.

Ultraman mode

Underwater modeling

Time just flew by while we were swimming and taking pictures as it was already approaching twilight. We just spent time sitting along the seashore people watching while waiting for Boracay’s sunset.

After the action-packed afternoon, we went to the hotel for a quick rest and to freshen up for the night’s activities. We had dinner at Epic Boracay, one of the relatively new restobars located at D’Mall. There are also many restaurants (mostly offer eat-all-you-can buffet) lining up along Station 2. Kaye had chicken sandwich while I ordered their pork steak with chorizo rice. Since it was happy hour, they had a buy 1 take 1 promo for select cocktails so we each had a Pinacolada.

While Epic is not that famous for its food (it’s more famous for their night parties), I really enjoyed the pork steak and the sandwich. The servings were hefty enough to satisfy and pricing was reasonable. The pinacolada was also good. We liked the al fresco ambiance beside the beach and the candle light dinner setting.

Chicken Sandwich w/ Fries
Pork Steak w/ Chorizo Rice

Feeling stuffed, we strolled along D’Mall for some sight-seeing and window shopping. D’Mall is really the place to go as the place is full of restaurants, food stalls and more importantly, souvenir shops and convenience stores. Another thing that makes Boracay special is that the place still very active even at night-time.

Walking around D’Mall

We waited for 10pm to arrive since we planned to go to Club Paraw (located at Station 1) for a few drinks and experience Boracay’s night life.  By 9:30pm, we started the long walk. Station 1 is fairly far from the hotel. We passed by Sand Bar at the tip of Station 2 where fire dancers were performing. The firework mode on my camera came pretty handy.

Fire dancers at Sand Bar

There were also fire dancers by the beach showing off for tips. While the fire dancers at Sand Bar may be more pleasing to the eye, the “indie” fire dancers seemed more skillful and had more variety with their moves and tricks.

Fire dancers by the beach

After the long walk from Hey! Jude, we finally reached Club Paraw. There are also other bars along that part of Station 1 (Guilly’s Island is just beside Club Paraw). Since it was only 10pm, the place wasn’t filled with tourists yet so we had no problem finding ourselves a table. We only ordered cocktails since we were still feeling kinda full.

                      Mud Slide                                  Melon Colada                                      Bubble Gum

People were starting to fill the club at around 11pm. Needless to say, the dance floor was starting to get crowded as well.

Playing with lights

By past midnight, we were already feeling tired (and a bit groggy) so we decided to end the day. We needed ample sleep to match our equally hectic itinerary set for the next day.

Part 2 covers our helmet diving experience, buggy car tour and Station 1 strolling, plus our food tasting of Hawaiian Bar-B-Que spare ribs, Real Coffee muffins, Jonah’s fruitshakes and SeaBreeze buffet. -rod-


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  1. theplaceswevebeen February 27, 2012 / 8:15 PM

    Looks like you guys had a great time in Boracay. We loved our time there!


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    lovely escapade! lucky you fora good weather! ayos! =)


    • rodmapada February 27, 2012 / 9:50 PM

      A few days after we left Boracay, panay daw ang ulan dun. Tumalab ang prayers namin! 😉


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    Boracay is always fun! 🙂


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    rod, im happy na nakatulong sa nyo ugn boracay itinerary ko kahit papano. buti pa kau rainy season pero maaraw. kami nun summer pero maulan!


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    FANTASTIC!!! Isn’t Boracay awesome????


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    Boracay looks beautiful and so much fun! Great series of shots! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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    where is the part2?


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    looks like there’s a lot of changes since the last time i’ve been there! tsk..

    thanks for ur detailed info.. sounds helpful if we’re going to Boracay this year. There’s a chance that the rates are still the same.


  9. island traveler April 16, 2012 / 6:22 PM

    A lot of my wonderful memories takes flight in the beautiful island…amazing images.


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    Great photos, looks and sounds like a blast!!


  13. anonymous July 8, 2012 / 11:58 AM

    hi! may i know where you got a dry sack? how much is it? thank you!


    • rodmapada July 9, 2012 / 10:34 AM

      You can get the Sea to Summit dry sack from any Travel Club outlet. I honestly forgot how much that was but I think it was around Php700-800 range.


  14. lea August 3, 2012 / 5:14 PM

    love this post! we’re going this Dec kaya this helps a lot planning our itinerary, thanks Rod! 🙂


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    Your photos really highlight the beauty of Boracay! Thanks for visiting and following my blog.


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    Hilarious! I swear I felt like I was reading about my own trip to Boracay! I didn’t eat at any of the places you mentioned, but I ended up doing all three of the same excursions. I love the sand there, so amazing!

    Anyways, great post and tips! And I love those underwater shots 🙂

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate it 😀


  17. Naveeka August 18, 2012 / 9:07 AM

    I really enjoyed reading this post and at the same time miss my country home. I’m a mixture of Pakistani and Filipina blood and feel lucky to belong to a country such as Philippines where you can find many natural beauty to appreciate.


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    Looks like a beautiful place and that you had an exciting, wonderful time there – tjhanks for sharing the great photos and for visiting/following my blog.


  19. Micah November 24, 2012 / 4:10 PM

    My husband & I were in Boracay almost the same time you were there. We also considered staying in Hey Jude but changed our minds at the last minute and went for a more expensive hotel (at 3x the rate of Hey Jude). But well it was a sort of 2nd honeymoon for us so we really wanted a more luxurious hotel experience. Will try Hey Jude on our next visit. Boracay is a fantastic destination but I hope it doesn’t get anymore crowded than it already is now.


  20. Sashi January 27, 2013 / 2:48 AM

    Hello po! ask ko lang, ung water sports na binayad nyo na 1500Php, is it per person lang pero iba-ibang water activities?


    • rodmapada January 28, 2013 / 4:58 PM

      Hi. The Php1,500.00 fee was just for the parasailing. 🙂


    • Joycelyn March 17, 2013 / 11:38 PM

      Hope my reply is not that late, if you want a cheaper price for the parasailing, I do recommend that you go on an early parasailing trip. Like around 8-9am, my friends got it ng 700.00 each person. 🙂


  21. kxiaooo March 15, 2013 / 10:48 AM

    Sir, do you still have the contact number nung Nino ba yun for your water sports activities? Thank you!!


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    Truly an amazing and honest post about Boracay. It was nice reading on how you experienced the place. Thank you for the follow, and btw, I do envy your underwater shots. They were amazing! 🙂


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    Just the perfect blog review I was looking for! I’ve been browsing for ages until I stumbled on to you. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂


  24. Denis July 1, 2013 / 4:01 AM

    Hello ! I am from Russia. I want to visit Boracay this year and live there for 2-3 months. I want to rent villa or house. How much does it cost ? $US2000 per month will be enough ?


    • rodmapada July 2, 2013 / 3:32 PM

      Hi Denis. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good idea on how much it will cost to actually live in Boracay for an extended period of time. Having said that, you can check Maybe this website can help.


  25. Boracay Philippines Resorts July 24, 2013 / 3:04 PM

    Boracay has really a lot to offer, so discovering it in a day doesn’t quite does it. I suggest that when you visit boracay, plan a 3 to 4 day visit, and I assure that you will be satisfied with your exploration! You might want to try Boracay Philippines Resorts for an exciting summer getaway!


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    • rodmapada August 27, 2013 / 2:05 AM

      Hi. Try texting this number 09228876639. Had Niño’s services again last June.


  28. Adrian Pantonial October 12, 2013 / 12:48 AM

    I love your photos! Thank you for sharing your adventure with us! 😀


  29. ainsley19 October 27, 2015 / 2:57 PM

    Hi 🙂 i just love your blogs and photos about boracay. it’s very informative. .Boracay is really perfect for a couple vacation..escaped from busy work and schedule.. Like you we enjoy boracay also, plus the hotel that we’ve stayed is very quiet and nice. its a newly opened hotel, named The Orient Beach Boracay. the hotel itself is just a 5mins ride away going to Station 2 / D’Mall and 3mins ride away going to Puka Beach by their complimentary shuttle they have a wide selection of breakfast. it’s a great value of your money and its like a 5 star hotel service. i must say you must try the puka beach, its not very crowded unlike in white beach and the sand is still white and powdery like the white beach with crack shells. you gotta check that out 🙂


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