UFC 142 in 250 Words

UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo is mobbed by the Brazilian crowd after his KO win over Chad Mendes


  • Edson Barboza’s spinning heel kick KO of Terry Etim literally gave me the “O.o” face. Etim’s body falling like a jungle log was also as golden as the KO itself.
  • Erick Silva landed 2-3 shots to the back of the head, arguably. They also weren’t the cleanest of shots. If anything, the back-to-the-head shots of Vitor to Akiyama and Hendo to Fedor looked cleaner, and got away with it too.
  • Still, Silva is a very promising young prospect. He will learn a lot from this DQ loss and his stock won’t go down.
  • Rousimar Palhares is a master of the heel hook. Seriously, how many times can an MMA fighter finish fights with the same move over and over again?
  • Rumble is a HUGE disappointment. How he managed not to take care of business by cutting weight was both unprofessional and sad. Add to the fact that he was on co-main event and having the biggest fight of his career makes you think if he’s mentally fit to compete in the highest level.
  • I was slightly irritated by the quick stand-ups by Dan Miragliotta. He seemed quite excited and rushed the stand-ups. Maybe something’s up with him. Hmmm.
  • Nevertheless, I’m happy to see Vitor put on a show in front of Brazilian fans. I’d argue he’s still more popular than Anderson in Brazil, despite how their fight ended.
  • Jose Aldo is a beast. Enough said. The post-fight out-of-the-cage celebration was cool too. If only Aldo’s awesomeness would translate to PPV buys…

It’s More Fun in the Philippines: Camiguin Island

Located at the tip of Nothern Mindanao is Camiguin Island, one of the top tourist destinations this side of the country. It boasts various bodies of water ranging from white sand beaches, waterfalls and cold and hot springs, making it a perfect swimming haven. Historical spots are also scattered all over the laid back province. Last May marked my 3rd time in Camiguin. My first time was in 2007 with my aunt and her graduate school students; the 2nd time was in 2009 together with my SGV batch mates while this trip was with Tal, Louie and Kaye. Since they were all first-timers, I became their tour guide by default.

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BROCK LESNAR: There Goes the Pain (Part 2)

The Struggle with Diverticulitis

Brock sinking in the arm triangle choke on Carwin

After Brock defeated Frank Mir at UFC 100, a long title reign for Lesnar was to be expected. Or at least the UFC expects him to be, as a dominant heavyweight champion will prove to be a major attraction especially on PPV. Thus, the UFC wasted no time scheduling Brock’s next title defense. His opponent: Shane Carwin: 265 lbs. with an undefeated MMA record and all wins coming by KO/TKO and ending opponents all at the 1st round. This would be the first time that Brock would meet a knockout artist as Brock’s previous opponents, tough as they are, were not really known for their striking prowess and KO power. This was also billed as the biggest heavyweight title fight of all time, playing to the fact that both fighters weigh at the 265-lb weight limit. However, before the fight even came into fruition, Brock had yet another major road block. He was diagnosed with diverticulitis. This life-threatening illness took months out of his MMA career and would only come back after a year’s absence in the Octagon, facing an equally scary monster in Carwin as well.

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BROCK LESNAR: There Goes the Pain (Part 1)

It’s over. Brock Lesnar retired from the UFC after his brutal TKO loss in the hands of Alistair Overeem. He amassed a 5-3 MMA record and a UFC Heavyweight Championship to boot.

It’s no secret that I’m a big Brock Lesnar fan. In fact, Brock made me more of an MMA fan today than I was before he entered the octagon. If Tito Ortiz and GSP introduced me to UFC and MMA in general, Brock Lesnar hooked me to it. However, my Lesnar fandom has a much deeper history, going back to his days in the WWE; far from the world of competitive combat sports and legitimate sanctioned bouts. This post is a mini career retrospective for one of the most polarizing athletes in WWE and UFC history.

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